With Fisher gone, what lies next for the Titans?

`If you have watched ESPN, the local news, picked up a paper or looked at Facebook or Twitter in the past week, you are probably aware of the Tennessee Titans’ coaching issues.

Letting go of head coach Jeff Fisher and host of other coaches in the organization, the team is now searching for a new head coach for the first time in 17 years.

Usually, when a head coach is fired, the first place that teams look for a replacement is within the organization. The Titans did just that. The first two people that were interviewed were already on the team’s payroll.

Mike Munchak, who is considered the favorite for the job, is the current offensive line coach for the team. Munchak’s record shows that he is a great teacher and great coach. Having been on staff since 1997, Munchak’s offensive line has given up the second fewest sacks since 1999.

Photo Courtesy of Associated Press

Furthermore, Munchak is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His number was also retired by the Houston Oiler/Tennessee Titan franchise in 1996. He is also from Scranton, Penn., home of Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin.

The Titans also interviewed offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger. Affectionately known as “Dinger,” he has built up a reputation among fans. Moreover, he is recovering from cancer treatments currently. The fact that he is even interviewing for the job could be a good sign that his health is currently improving, and fans certainly hope this is the case.

The question is not who is available, though. The question is who the Titans want. Most fans want someone outside of the organization to stir things up a bit.

“I think that you have got to respect the coaches that have been there, but at the same time do what is best for your own organization,” said junior marketing major Kyle Mayes. “I think hiring from the outside would bring a certain energy to the Titans and the fans that might have been lacking over the past few years.”

Thus far, the Titans have only reached out to three coaches outside of the organization, and one of those coaches turned down the interview.

Gregg Williams, former defensive coordinator for the Titans and current coordinator for the Saints turned down the option earlier today. The other coaches that the Titans have sought after are Atlanta offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey and New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.

It was confirmed on Wednesday that the Titans were granted permission to interview the highly touted Perry Fewell. Fewell has a Nashville connection– he coached with Vanderbilt from 1995-97 as the defensive backs coach.

Some people choose to blame the General Manager Bud Adams as the root of the problem. Some even compare him to Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.

Jameson Roper, a junior oral communication major, believes that Bud Adams has overstayed his welcome as the owner and head shot-caller.

“As long as Bud Adams has control, I don’t care. My blood pressure can’t handle it,” Roper said. “This senile guy shouldn’t be calling the shots anymore.”

Adams, 88, is remembered by most for founding the American Football League in 1960. However, Adams hit a low spot in 2009 when he was caught on camera while flipping the bird to on field officials. Adams was fined a quarter of a million dollars for the incident.

To make the issue even worse, Adams did not show up to the press conference that was held to discuss Fisher’s departure. That may have been the final breaking point for fans.

Now, quarter back Vince Young, head coach Jeff Fisher and several other coaches out, will Bud Adams finally leave the team?

Who would you like to see become to next coach of the Titans? Make sure you tell us your thoughts on Fisher’s departure by answering the poll on the homepage.


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